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Hyderabad, India

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Soundarya Gottapu is an illustration artist from Vizag. Started out as an engineer, went on to study fashion design and eventually found her home in illustration. Her work revolves around the different relationships we share, be it with the natural world, with each other or within ourselves. She finds communication design and educational content to be a good fit for her creations, as well as children's books.

Currently she is on the lookout for a new hobby since she turned her only one into a job.

She also runs a small firm called Paper Garden where she designs and makes cute stationery products.


"We found Soundarya by chance on Instagram. Her illustrations were eye-catching and super cute. Throughout the whole process of creating the wedding invite, Soundarya had a clear vision which she executed perfectly. She took inputs from us for our hobbies, how we met, and depicted that in a beautiful story illustration. The invite turned out to be much more than we expected with detailed colorful illustrations that our friends and family loved. Soundarya is very talented and has a knack for creating beautiful and unique illustrations. We are very glad to have our wedding e-invite designed by her."

- Nikhita Kunati,
Wedding Invite Client

"Thanks for doing a mind blowing job on the logo.


I can see people showing their love towards it."

Insiya Bohra ,
Logo Design Client

"Smoothest collab I've done till date"

"Thank you so much for your work and your patience in working with us. We are very VERY happy with the infographics. "

- Prashanth &Ann,
Wedding Infographic Clients

- Ekta Rajagopalan,
Children's Book Client

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