The Magic Umbrella (a storyboard)



What if she(our character) found a magic umbrella that would protect her from more than just rain? If it has the power to shield pain. Conflict here is that the character does not know that it cannot shield pain from the inside – emotional pain. She goes on a montage of saving her self and family at home from little tests of physical accidents. Then comes an incident where she notices her parents in emotional pain., and her umbrella fails to work. Because there is no physical object in sight to shield from. Eventually she drops the umbrella and runs in to give a hug. Takes her a while to realise the power lies within her to ease another person’s inner pain. And that evolves into a realisation that an external entity is not necessary for her to feel worthy (powerful).

So our beginning could be that our character feels unworthy and small. Maybe at school/she is new to the city / one incident which wires her to think that way and the umbrella is her attachment to feel worthy.

(She runs home crying ,its raining, she trips on mud and falls . As she gets up she notices the umbrella. Its a very normal looking umbrella,so she picks it up without much thought just to cover herself until she gets home. A short montage of her discovering the umbrella’s powers. )

The end could be that she lets go of the umbrella to fly away for somebody else to find it (and find themselves and indirectly suggesting that must be how the umbrella reached her in the first place. )


INT. School

Summer (our character) is seen entering her school. She walks alone, sits by herself in the classroom and canteen. Tries to approach other kid groups but something stops her. Nobody is seen to be particularly mean to her , but it is her feeling small/unworthy that stops her from taking the initiative. [This is an everyday struggle for her. Trying to make friends and not pushing away those who approach her ] One such day after school, Summer is walking back home, head down and sad when it starts to rain. She quickly runs towards a tree and while she stands there [CUT TO sky, wind blowing an umbrella , bird view summer under the tree] notices an umbrella. Its a very normal looking umbrella, so without much thought she picks it up and sprints home.

INT. Home

At home, she is seen playing/reading/drawing in her room while the umbrella sits open (to dry) in a corner. Cut to wind blowing through the window, toppling a box from above her closet . The box is about to fall on Summer. Right then a field of rays emerge from the umbrella changing the box’s direction; it falls just beside Summer. [almost like Arresto Momentum spell from Harry Potter] She sees all this . Now she’s curious. Quickly gets up and goes on a montage of testing the Umbrella.

Throws a ball at the wall for it to bounce back at her. But the umbrella shields it.

[Summer walks into the backyard, her dad is seen fixing something under a tree, when a fruit is about to fall. She takes the chance and points her umbrella towards her dad., the fruit changes its course. ,and falls behind]

CUT TO Morning of School the next day

That day she manages to not only approach a classmate but also finds a good friend to spend time with and eat together during recess. [a small Close up of her clutching the umbrella as if saying thanks and holding on to her ‘saviour’]

She skip-walks home happily holding her umbrella.

INT. Home

Her mother is seen getting off a call ,shrinking into the ground, her father holding and comforting her. Summer ,confused and scared, scans all around looking to point the umbrella and shield them from whatever pain they are in. But nothing is in sight. [CLOSE UP on Summer’s bewildered, scared face]

Then gives in,[ Close up on Umbrella being left behind] follows suit of her father and goes in to give a hug to her mother. [She sees herself as the shield] [Close up on her spread arms, giving an essence of shielding] This instantly comforts her Mother. She picks Summer and holds onto her tightly . [Close up ] Mothers face on Summers back, smiling .

Next Morning.

Summer is dressing for school. While she is looking into the mirror , she takes a long look at her palms,hands .,spreading them out like a hug and....Hugging herself. That day to school, she leaves the umbrella behind.

A montage of scenes suggesting that her newly made friends see her the same way without the need for her umbrella. She understands that they like her as she is.

CUT TO a visual of the tree where she found the umbrella. [Wide Shot]

Its still windy. Summer is seen holding up the umbrella into the sky, lifting the umbrella above her head. CLOSE UP of her palms letting go of the handle. Umbrella is seen swirling in the sky [same way how it came to Summer] and on its way to find another person in search of themselves.