The girl who lived in her books

"what do you mean take a break ? I cannot put it down

before I finish it."

But what's the hurry to finish it? The

book will still be here.

"What's the hurry you say? What

can be more important than knowing where Ellie's Father's

journal is kept?"

Uh-okay. At least eat and get back to your

adventure . Eating is important right?

"Sure,but you must know that I'm barely hungry. So I might just eat for the sake

of it."

Sigh- Come here, I'll feed you then. But don't shriek

if a morsel falls on your book.

"Fine- I won't."

Alright then, but you must know that I gave you books so you would let me work.

But I never anticipated it would take over you like this.

"Well, aren't you glad? You always said reading is a noble

thing, and I always see you do it too."

Sure- but..Uh-you know

what, you're right. If I look back this was how I started

off too ,I--..

"Ooh, its getting interesting ! Can we finish

eating fast so I can fully get back to the book?"

Sure sweety..