The art of cooking

Updated: Feb 13

I was binge watching Nigella Lawson's shows and after a point ,ended up taking notes, not of the recipes but of everything else that went into the art of cooking. 

Although I have started cooking only since a few years, watching cooking and baking shows began way way back.

But this was the first time I decided to turn that fascination and admiration to cooks/chefs into an illustration.

Part 1/4 : the grocery shopping

Apart from the visual satisfaction ,I am constantly amazed at the whole Zen like process right from picking the ingredients, understanding their nature and treating them in a way that is best for the dish

Part 2/4 : the preparation

The amount of knowledge and experience involved in bringing together the right ingredients and the oh so many ways of cooking them is almost intimidating ,and hence all the more brilliant to watch.

Part 3/4 : the skill 

Calculation, precision, logic, tools, equipment choice and skill, preserving and reusing Ingredient leftovers, optimizing water ,globe trotting with ingredients , .. the list feels endless.

The best for me is the level of optimization involved, especially with water reusability. It doesn't even need to be a chef to witness this. We notice this in our own households . 

All this plus the most important ingredient of all that chefs make sure to include : love.

Part 4/4 : the pleasure

Staged or not , watching someone cook and eat their own food enjoying it is a visually contagious pleasure . 

This series has no bigger agenda than to just show my love and admiration to this field. Grandmothers,Mothers, Chefs everyone ..

More and more people should take it up and pass on lovely recipes into 

generations after :)