Living with nature

Updated: May 2, 2020

The following illustrations are of methods/techniques,brands and people who have adopted eco-friendly and ethical methods in their lives. Be it the way they live, run their businesses, or just creating something in their capacity ,what the world needs.

Brand : Stone Grey by Jino Joy

It makes me happy when I see brands and creators put their foot down when it comes to matters of sustainability, in whichever capacity they can.

Brand : Kate Schroeder's ceramic objects

Any creation which has a oneness with nature at it's core ,for me,feels right. That which evokes a connection not just with ourselves but with our surroundings. I went on and read about her work and she so beautifully speaks of why she creates these objects and what shaped her inspirations.

Brand : Intiki Stories, home decor, India

Sometimes sustainable is a feeling like Home. A feeling that which is a result of time. Sort of like a homemade dish, a familiar scent in a new city , a comfortable dress or a favourite person.

And when we relate a place ,thing,being to a home, we only think of protecting it,never to harm it.

Maybe if everyone starts to realize that Earth is our common Home, its possible to save what's left of it.

And brands have a certain responsibility towards evoking this emotion in its customers if nothing else.

Brand : Thaapo by Navnee Kasat

Eco-printing being the core of this brand, it adopted the method of using natural resources to create their textiles as well as embraced the fading quality of naturally extracted colours/dyes by avoiding chemicals.