Kidswear illustrated series

Updated: Feb 12

The following project is a collaboration with a kidswear brand LOVE THE WORLD TODAY that works with natural herbal dyes on the garments which tend to fade gradually upon use.

While this is taken well by most of their clients, there is however a segment of clients who do not exactly appreciate the tendency.

This project is an attempt to educate those clients and every other consumer in general about the nature of herbal dyes and that the beauty of it lies in this very idea of fading away..

Below is the concept I came up with to demonstrate the idea ..which was executed in the form of short animations.


The best memories as kids are often of things we innocently wished to fade away

Like the paper boat we waited for to float away

Like the kite we waited for to soar far above the sky

Like those trees we waited for to turn tiny

as we snuck out our heads through the train window watching them pass by

Like the moon we waited for to stop following us everywhere

we still find some hidden joy in these as grown ups, 

Maybe for once, we want to believe that we too can float like a paperboat, far and ahead of our fears

That we too can reach the skies like a kite, above and beyond our expectations

That letting go isn’t as hard as it looks, like how swiftly those trees pass by in a blink

At the same time, knowing that someone has our back is all that we need at times, 

 like having our own moon to guide us....

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