Kashgar Bazar : A Sabyasachi Mukherjee inspired project

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Inspired is a small word when it comes to how much I admire this person. His story,work , everything he built over the last 20 years has so much to learn from, at least for me. So much so that I was scared to even attempt illustrating any of his designs until now, fearing that I would be doing some kind of injustice to his work. 

But when his Kashgar Bazaar collection came out ,the inspiration hit another level. I had to do something with it , how it turns out didn't matter. 

I decided to do a series of illustrations in two parts. 

Part 1 : To get familiar with the colours,fabrics,patterns and the whole mood of the collection. I read about his inspiration for the collection and used those elements as a starting point . It included  global nomads, gypsies etc

Medium Used : Watercolor and soft pastels on paper

Part 2 :

Once I got myself a little familiar with the mood of the collection,patterns etc I wanted to play around with the silhouettes. For this I decided to try something with letters and typography. 

So I wrote down the word Kashgar in Telugu (my mother tongue) and broke down each letter into a different silhouette for each garment ensemble. This is still at a trial stage . But what I liked is that each letter is unique and poses a different challenge to convert into a solid base for drawing a garment over it.

కాష్ గర్