Getting in touch with our human-ness

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Our hands, irrespective of gender,are delicate in nature. Meaning, despite unimaginable technological advances , nothing can come close to what the human hand is capable of creating. "The human touch" as we often phrase it.

If we can get back to doing more than just hitting keys and phone screens with our hands , a sense of understanding comes.

Cook more,plant something,adopt an animal(get a pet) and raise it, draw (even if it's rubbish) ,attend random craft workshops, not to excel or even learn but just to understand what it means to be contact with basic elements of nature . What comes as a result is respect for other beings.

It takes more than just reading the news,knowing the facts and being aware of what's happening to the world right now inorder to make changes.

Understanding fragility and coexistence needs to be a way of life.