Brand study - Pero

Apart from creating clothes that seem so wonderfully playful and bold, what amazes me is the focus on creating a whole mood to each of their collections. The attention to detail is seen everywhere right from inspiration to the last stage of garment execution and beyond. Its a whole experience.

'Locked in love'

This collection reflects on the 2020 lockdown and the simple act of finding love in the everyday things.

About the illustration:

Inspired directly from a poem excerpt by the brand where we see a girl rediscovering her love for baking during the lockdown. She goes on to sharing joy with her neighbours through her cakes.

I wanted to represent this in a single frame. The different backdrops for each girl (yellow and blue) show that they are in different houses. The overlapping window frame means two things : 1)A divide between their houses 2) Locked indoors. However the frame here is a translucent color i.e. we can see through it. This implies that joy is being shared despite being physically divided.

Garments from their latest collection

The Poem :

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