A little coffee and a new home

What makes a city grow on you? Memories for sure. The thing about memories is that anything and anyone can quietly claim their place in it. And it's not just friends and loved ones.

When I was interning in Bangalore for the first time , I didn't know a single person to hang out with. Apart from work hours , the rest of my time consisted of me walking around and exploring. I'm a bit geographically challenged so most of the days it was just me getting lost and going in rounds looking for that one tiny coffee shop or something.

More than exploring, by now I realized I like routines. I like to visit the same places over and over again letting them grow on me. Familiarizing with the people there, the menu and claiming a favorite spot to sit by myself. One such place was this coffee shop I went everyday for the 2 months I was there.

8 rupees of delicious filter coffee that in time I didn't have to verbally ask for the order. The moment the waiter saw me enter he would simply nod and ticket my order .

One medium strong, with sugar.